How to remove a tree


  • Trees are beautiful living organisms and may also be special and large. A tree removal is still a desire of many people, often for extra light to let a property. Old trees often block the sunlight that should actually appear inside a house. Before cut down a tree or can be removed, it is required in most cases to apply for a permit from your municipality. Look remove the website of your municipality for the exact rules on trees and associated licenses that must be obtained for such a job.
  • A gardener or arborist in your area or you often can also help with applying for a license, after all, they have done it before. Tree service Sedro Woolley can easily get the license for the purpose, so you no need to worry about the license.

Remove right preparation tree

  • maxresdefaultDepending on the age, type and location of the tree, a method must be chosen by a tree-cutting specialist. You can imagine that a tree of 140 years old is greater than 6 and a thick trunk is more difficult to cut than a tree that is half as large. Trees standing in a backyard in a residential district are also more difficult than cutting trees standing in an open field. Tree service Sedro Woolley can cut all types of trees in any area.
  • Tree service Sedro Woolley experts are also trained to estimate in each situation to the correct value. Tree service Sedro Woolley will be able to decide how a tree can be removed and in which method.

Tree removal in parts

  • When it is not possible to fell a tree in its entirety because there are simply too many buildings to the state tree is often cut down in parts around. The arborist will climb up into the tree to saw off the branches one for one and these branches to fall down. Then the tribe will share should be cut and therefore must be disposed of each.

  • This method obviously takes longer than when a tree at once by being cut at the stem. However, for the safety, this method requires being done, of course, simply in this way.

Tree removal with crane

  • Stations may also be chosen in order to lift off a tree with the help of a crane. This method is necessary to take measures. Firstly, the boom is in a reliable way to confirm to the hoist of the crane. Then, the strain is at the bottom sawed in half, and then the tree can be simply lifted off. In some cases, the tree can be hoisted even including stump out. That is rare because a stump is often deeply rooted. Tree service Sedro Woolley use different tools for the different trees.


  • In this way, removing a tree is, of course, a bit more expensive because there would have to be hired a crane, and there are of course costs to it. But it is safe for the surroundings.